The Youth Enlightenment and Development society (YEDS) Program

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In line with its mission to facilitate youth and societal development, GOYED created the Youth
Enlightenment and Development Society (YEDS) Program as a platform to engage students in
societal development processes (in school youths).
GOYED believes that for change and development to be effective, both must reach the
grassroots of the society. At GOYED, one of our societal theory postulates that “for any
intellectually driven society, the functional grassroots are its students”. This theory is behind the
creation of YEDS as a tool to effect positive change and development within the Nigerian
student communities.
The YEDS has a club component and a project component.
The YEDS club has been conditionally approved by the state Ministry of Education via the Post
Primary Schools Service Commission (P.P.S.S.C), Awka for secondary schools in Anambra
state. Through YEDS club relevant information relating to societal development are
disseminated to students and their feedback sought.
Through the project component, several project have been designed and implemented to enhance
the leadership and entrepreneurial capacities of students.

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