Skills Acquisition

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Through our partnership with the School Of Creative Hands, we offer skill acquisition programs
which equip our beneficiaries with a range of real life surviving skills that are demanded by
industries, institutions and businesses there by making them self-employable. Below are some
components of our skill acquisition program
i. Bead making and wire work
ii. Cake world: knowing how to bake different types of cakes such as pineapple upside down
cake, fotless sponge cake, rock cake, coffee cake, loaf cake, ice cream cake, tan-finger, red
velvet cake, moche butter cake, carrot/lemon cake, orange cake and many more.
a. cake decoration
b. wedding cake project
c. sugar craft lesson
d. moldings of human being
iii. Pastry: such as meat bread, chicken pie, chicken poff, corn beef pastry, Cornish pie, fiesta,
super roll, jumbo roll, beef burger, chicken burger, fried pozza, potato fritters, milk chicken,
pizza puff, doughnuts, chicken sitout, club sandwiches, shawarma etc.
iv. Saloon management: braiding, twisting, weavon on expert, nail studio, massage,
pedicure/manicure, bridals hair, eye lash extension.
v. Makeover: day/night make up, fashion make up, bridal make up, gele, eye brow grooming,
skincare etc.
vi. Event/venue decoration lesson
vii. I.C.T. programmes
viii. Craft bag and shoe making

ix. Cosmetology: such as hair relaxers, hair treatment cream, body cream, dissolver and remover,
fruit bath, cell, original perfume, body-spray, nail polish, wet lop, hair conditioner, close up, pink
oil, shampoo, air freshener, car wash, Vaseline, dettol/izal, rat killer, insecticide etc.
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