The GOYED Election Sensitization and Monitoring Program

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At GOYED we clearly understand that politics play critical roles in determining the level of development
and sustainability of any community, society and nation.
While GOYED cannot involve itself in any political affiliation of any sort, we believe we can help ensure
credible elections that are free and fair, as well as help increase the voting population to increasingly
present a fair representation of the “peoples’ choice”. This is in tandem with our vision of making the
world better, and building an enhanced society.
To achieve this, the GOYED Election Sensitization and Monitoring Program was initiated and launched in
The goal of the program is to enhance the electoral process through public sensitization and election
observation/ monitoring.
GOYED partnered with The Election Network (TEN) to organize and implement an election monitoring
program during the November, 2017 Anambra State Gubernatorial Election.