What we do at GOYED

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At GOYED, we run programs that facilitate our vision and mission statements. We focus on activities that can help young people unlock and achieve their vision and go on to impact their communities positively.
We are achieving our vision, mission, goals and objectives through the following programs:
1. The Youth Enlightenment and Development society (YEDS) Program
In line with its mission to facilitate youth and societal development, GOYED created the YEDS Program as a platform to engage students in national development processes (in school youths).
GOYED believes that for change and development and to be effective, both must reach the grassroots of the society. At GOYED, one of our societal theory postulates that “for any intellectually driven society, the functional grassroots are its students”. This theory is behind the creation of YEDS as a tool to effect positive change and development within the Nigerian student communities.
The YEDS has a club component and a project component. The YEDS club has been conditionally approved by the state Ministry of Education via the Post Primary Schools Service Commission (P.P.S.S.C), Awka for secondary schools in Anambra state.

2. The GOYED Youth Empowerment Scheme (GYES)
This is a program with the major goal of reducing youth unemployment and underemployment. It’s a combination of various training (entrepreneurship, leadership and skills acquisition) and financial programs.

3. The GOYED Financial Thrift (GFT) Microfinance Program
We run a financial program called the GOYED Financial Thrift, in which active small income earners, especially micro, small scaled business owners, women and youths can access a range of financial services including micro-savings, micro-loans, micro-insurance and other business development services which are tools for economic development.
Beneficiaries will learn how micro savings can turn to become a sea of funds that can enable them start up and grow their ideal businesses or companies. They will also learn how to access funds and indeed access funds to boost their business activities.
4. GOYED Community Development Conference
We organize the GOYED Community Development Conference which is an annual event, and a platform to create quality awareness about various community development stakeholders and their community development initiatives. It is also the aim of the conference to create a unique community development network where community development stakeholders can come together and integrate their community development initiatives to ensure a far wider impact in the society.
5. Training Programs and Career Services
We offer the following training programs and career services
I.Leadership Training Program
Today we all know that technology driven by creativity and innovation is the driving force of the 21st century. However, it is Leadership that drives change and embeds aspects such as creativity and innovation to achieve sustainable success. Our leadership training program opens the mindset of our beneficiaries and helps them unlock their real self. Beneficiaries will acquire leadership tools which will enable them mobilize resources and go ahead to become leaders in their chosen career. The impact of this training goes beyond career success of beneficiaries but also impacts the society at large since beneficiaries will be empowered to initiate and implement meaningful changes in their communities.
II.Skill Acquisition
Through our partnership with the School Of Creative Hands, we offer skill acquisition programs which equip our beneficiaries with a range of real life surviving skills that are demanded by industries, institutions and businesses there by making them self-employable. Below are some components of our skill acquisition progr am
i. Bead making and wire work
ii. Cake world: knowing how to bake different types of cakes such as pineapple upside down cake, fotless sponge cake, rock cake, coffee cake, loaf cake, ice cream cake, tan-finger, red velvet cake, moche butter cake, carrot/lemon cake, orange cake and many more.
a.cake decoration
b.wedding cake project
c.sugar craft lesson
d.moldings of human being
iii. Pastry: such as meat bread, chicken pie, chicken poff, corn beef pastry, Cornish pie, fiesta, super roll, jumbo roll, beef burger, chicken burger, fried pozza, potato fritters, milk chicken, pizza puff, doughnuts, chicken sitout, club sandwiches, shawarma etc.
iv. Saloon management: braiding, twisting, weavon on expert, nail studio, massage, pedicure/manicure, bridals hair, eye lash extension.
v. Makeover: day/night make up, fashion make up, bridal make up, gele, eye brow grooming, skincare etc.
vi. Event/venue decoration lesson
vii. I.C.T. programmes
viii. Craft bag and shoe making
ix. Cosmetology: such as hair relaxers, hair treatment cream, body cream, dissolver and remover, fruit bath, cell, original perfume, body-spray, nail polish, wet lop, hair conditioner, close up, pink oil, shampoo, air freshener, car wash, Vaseline, dettol/izal, rat killer, insecticide etc.
III.Entrepreneurship Program
This program assists beneficiaries in developing great ideas into great companies. Students will learn how to create good business ideas and successfully transform these ideas into a start-up company and in the process learn the virtue of starting small and the grace of growing big.
IV.Coaching And Mentoring
We offer both executive coaching and peer induced coaching sessions which help identify individual’s weaknesses and convert them to strengths which they can leverage upon to grow higher in their career. Beneficiaries (both students and staff) will be able to build a healthy working environment where creativity and good relationship thrives, thereby facilitating success and sustainable growth in your institution.

V.Motivational Talks
We run motivational sessions in which our specialists inspire beneficiaries to dig into the recesses of their potentials to pull out all that is required to perform excellently. We motivate your students and employees to give their best.